Seller Central Down Again…

Well, we made a post about what to do when Seller Central is down. But no one talked about what to do if was down too. Things we can’t do are starting to stack up. No sourcing with technology, but if you have a PDA you may be able to source for media. (I don’t have a PDA so I’m not 100% on that.) If you have prepping to do, you can start removing prices and getting product ready.

Perhaps you wanted to list some items on eBay but always prioritize FBA first? Bazinga! Ebay here we all come!
I was on my last store of the day when I realized everything went kaput so I’m glad to know I made the “deadline”. I’ll be working on Etsy orders while FBA is down, and maybe I will get Ebay items up today after all.
There’s always a silver lining right? What are you working on while Amazon is down?

What to do when Amazon Seller Central is Down?

If you are like me and hundreds of others, Seller Central being down certainly threw a wrench in your plans on Tuesday. Some were distraught because they were going sourcing, others needed to ship items, and the balance just wanted to see how sales were going. While I can’t solve all of your problems, here are a few workarounds and tips we learned.

Sourcing Must Go On!

If you use Profit Bandit, or any others, you will depend on Amazon’s API to gather information and push it to your phone app. While Seller Central is down I can guarantee the one site that is NOT down is If you haven’t already, download Amazon’s free app to get you by during tough times. It will not give you the fun info you always seek, like exact number of sellers and profit potential but it does give you bare bones info. I look at lowest sale price, median price, how many listings and the rank of the item. I guesstimate the ballpark profit and take a chance. There are three possible outcomes: make a great buy, make a lousy buy and return it, or leave it on the shelf for someone else to make money. If you live in Utah, I’d kindly ask you to pick option 3 so I can pick it up instead. (Kidding!)

Shipping Routine in Place?

Maybe Tuesdays are your normal shipping day? Not sure why, because Tuesday Morning gets new shipments on Tuesday (but anyway…)– perhaps you have items that must go? Well rumor has it that you can scan the item and choose “sell yours” to list it. I assume you can batch upload later? It will list as MF, and require you to go back in to adjust to FBA but it is a workaround. I’m not convinced this is worth it, considering you won’t be able to print packing slips, postage; and you will need to touch the product again later. Why bother? Go source a new thrift shop, stay home and check out Ebay for a little online sourcing. Don’t ship, that’s just silly.

Other Problems Like Being Addicted to Checking Sales

Bad news for the rest of us- if you are just like me and wanted to check if you’d be hitting projections, you are just out of luck. Don’t dwell! Go source!
If you can’t tell, sourcing was my answer for it all. Otherwise catch up on house errands, but hitting the refresh button and asking over and over in Facebook whether Seller Central is still down is just wasting your time.

Removal Process in FBA

Seller Central can be daunting. I’ve outline the steps to removing your items from inventory. These items were all returns, or damaged for whatever reason. I received emails each time they were deemed such condition. I actually waited a few days to see what I would have in there to decide to destroy or have it returned. Because I wanted to test the return process I opted to have everything returned. To date we’ve received 2 of the items and charged $1.50.

Step 1 : Visit your reports and choose “Recommended Removal Report”

On another day, when you have free time (I know, who knows when that will be) you should peruse the reports. It’s quite an interesting task reviewing reports and seeing exactly what is offered.

Step 2 : Click “Generate Report”. Don’t enter any info in, just click it.

Step 3: A report of your items will be generated. Sorry I removed some items from viewing. I’m paranoid like that. I’ve left a one-off item that I have no plans of ever selling again.  You’ll notice the quantity available to be removed. Choose “Begin Removal Process”.

Step 4: Fill in the necessary shipping information. Choose “Fulfillment”.

Step 5: That wasn’t too bad! Confirm your information is correct and “Place Order”.

Step 6: It wasn’t that hard. You’ll get confirmation here. It will also show as a bold item in your “Manage Orders” screen.

After all was said and done, it has cost me $1.50 for the two items returned. I’m still waiting on the others. I’m most likely going to sell them on eBay or donate to a local thrift store.

Changing Your Default Order Screen

If you haven’t heard already,some people have said that if you look at your “reserved” inventory under Fulfillment by Amazon Inventory, those are the items that are currently being sold. As in, payment is being processed and awaiting to be shipped out.
We’re not 100% on this idea, so we decided to show you how easy it is to change your order screen to show the actual pending orders.
Since we are closing up on our first month of sales, we are still in the “brand new” eager beaver stages, and like to check out our sales throughout the day. Its a nice treat to see a pending order, and we’re sure you’ll find value in tweaking your order screen.
I will update this post later with screen shots, for now, here are the step-by-step instructions to updating your order screen.

After logging in, choose Manage Orders from the Order drop down menu.
Click Advanced Search (near Date Range)
At the bottom of the options, choose Include Pending Orders
When the screen refreshes, choose the Make This My Default Order View
When its selected, you’ll see a Saved! in green.

That’s it! That simple.
You can always change your order screen to different values like only FBA, or only Fulfilled by Merchant. It just so happens that we are purely FBA and leave these options as-is.