Day 1: Now what?

Today is the first day of my new status. What am I talking about? Well, let me give you some background info. My job allows me to take a voluntary leave of absence when work slows down. The leave is unpaid, and can change due to a fluctuation of work. My busy season is the first six months of the year. And every year around July, I take some time off. My SO and I enjoy taking time to travel, read good books, binge on Netflix and generally have quality time together. In July we go visit family, and take off to fun places that we couldn’t using our vacation days. Well, this year is going to be different. 

I’ve always been a spirited entrepreneur who wants to work for myself. I’ve always had a good job that others would love to have. The problem is I’ve always been afraid to take the leap to go full-time at this. What am I afraid of? Well, failing, of course. Unlike others, I’m not backed into a corner, I still have a job to fall back on. This doesn’t mean I have plans of returning, my goal is to quit the 9 to 5. Truthfully, my private label efforts are doing well enough that I could likely replace my income. But, as someone watching the numbers, my private label after having 6 months of increase after increase, is taking its first nose dive into bad sales. That scares me. That shows me anything could change at any time and if I really want this to work – I have to do everything I know how to do to make this work.

Now, if you’re still hanging on- allow me to get to the point. I’m going to do retail arbitrage and online arbitrage again. This past weekend I finally prepped out a shipment of product I sourced from January. In my adventure to maximize my potential, I will be consulting with others on their full-time ventures and coming up with a schedule to keep myself accountable. I will post new posts on staying relevant in an FBA world, post my schedule of how I’m doing things, and new tips to stay competitive. I’ll still be posting about my private label ventures on the Forty Hour Rebel blog, but this also means you can look forward to fresh content on this site.

It’s 8:30 here in Utah, and that means I’m already 90 minutes into my old work day. I’m pretty sure if you aren’t moving, you aren’t making money. Time to get moving already.

One thought to “Day 1: Now what?”

  1. As usual, awesome post spencer. I m also interested in becoming a seller on amazon. Still researching for sources to learn the ins and outs. Anyway since you re an affiliate for amazon, do you use the same account to open up the seller s account or do you use a different account? And what are your thoughts on dropshipping?

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