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Update 08/26/2013: My original review stays in tact, however Ryan from Inventory Lab left a comment rebutting my statements. He states that functions I am looking for are present, and a new version will be released soon. Check it out at the comments. 

I need a better bookkeeping program. I’m on the hunt, and up in the air about so many. I’ve used Outright for a year with my Etsy business. I like it. It tells me everything I need to know. When I opened a separate account for my Amazon, I was so sure I’d love it. Sadly, I decided that it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, so I’m still looking while maintaining the account. I want to know at any given time what my inventory retail value is versus my cost. I want to be able to do everything at once and not enter it into multiple spreadsheets on my end. I want to track my inventory, see what is in stock and print labels when I prep. I finally caved and have been trying Inventory Lab. It is a $40 a month program that boasts it will help Amazon sellers.

Thoughts so far: With a two week trial, I can say that I used about 12 days in trying to get into the spirit.

Day 1: Learning how to list products was quite a curve for me. No big deal, adapt and overcome. I did a few test items. I removed them, as I had already started shipments in Seller Central so I didn’t finish the process. I won’t have an accurate review for the listing process as of now.

Day 2: I want to know my inventory numbers. Hazzah! It actually had this! Is it accurate? NO. (Wah-wah-wahhhh) I tested a quick moving item to see if accurate and it was very off. Perhaps it updates daily? I’ll watch the inventory for the next week.

Day 3-10: It appears that Inventory Lab triggers reports to be pulled to update. This was a petty annoyance, and gmail filters allowed this fix. It started to become more accurate after a few days.

What features would I love already?
I’d love to add my own expenses like mileage, supplies, cost of goods (when I enter it in the “buy cost” section I can’t find that total value anywhere) .
I’d love more comprehensive monthly reports. Think Outright meets Inventory Lab.

I guess that’s the real problem, the features it offers is nice but I know all the items I need to “bookkeep” and IL is not cutting it. When I first started Outright, they were not quite up to par with my Etsy needs. Now they are my go-to solution for it. I’m confident with a few more updates IL will get there. I’m just not sure I want to stick around while IL goes through its growing pains. Is it worth my $40 to have a program that is NOT all inclusive? I’d definitely use it if it was $10 a month and pay the higher price when it had all of my bells and whistles. Because I’m hoping my inventory will triple to quadruple in the next few months I can’t say I want to sit around and wait. Bookkeeping will be a pain if I don’t keep this in one place come end of the year. What should I do? What are you doing for your bookkeeping needs?

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  1. To the best of my knowledge Inventory lab is now able to support other expenses like mileage, supplies and cost of goods. My thing is changing the colors on the dashboard! I hate that profit is purple I want to make it green !

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