Moving too fast : Private Label Confessions

I moved too fast. I kept pushing through and started ordering samples for everything I was interested in. On the private label introduction, I mentioned I was going to go into pets for Product 2. And then…I decided not to. Why? Because. Yep, just ’cause. I decided I didn’t want to go into pets yet, so I’m going to just put that on the back burner. And that’s okay. The samples can sit under my desk while I mull it over.

Then, guys, I decided to jump into another category.

Seriously. What was I thinking? I ordered probably a 6 samples, picked what I liked and ordered 80 units. I’m probably insane. And what better than to tell the world how crazy I really am!

I’ve mentioned it already in passing that I jumped into another category and regretted it almost instantly. What can I say, when I go at something hard, I go for it all in. So I bought 80 units, listed them and have ZERO organic sales. Because the product is newer, its been slower to adapt. The competition is already thick and I know its going to be an uphill battle. I’ve done some promos for reviews and learned pretty quickly what not to do.

So, I’ve learned my lesson- stop seeing dollar signs everywhere I go. And how will I remedy this? By becoming the public guinea pig the world needs. I decided, in order to keep myself accountable – I will be starting yet ANOTHER product, and going against all philosophies in the world. Save the hate mail guys, I know I’m a bit crazy. Think of it as a public service. If I don’t do crazy things, how will we learn from my mistakes?!

With this in mind, next week I’m starting a brand new blog. A brand new podcast. A brand new everything. For 8 weeks, I plan on documenting the ins-and-outs of private label. Every dollar accounted for, every email discussed. (Minus, the actual item) I will not disclose names or companies in the email. Because come on, I’m still in it to make a successful new product. But otherwise, ask me anything, and you will know all the dirty details.

So, now that you know the scoop – visit my new site: Forty Hour Rebel and like the page on Facebook. I’ll still be posting on this blog, and the LF Facebook group will continue on course. But for those of us  obsessed over PL, you now have a new place to come together. Come join me on the dark side, there’s tea.

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