5 Reasons You Should Probably Create a Listing

I have a large 2 1/2 foot box of items that need listings created. So this post, while its for you to read – is probably more for me to practice what I preach. There are so many times I have been out sourcing when I couldn’t find a listing on Amazon that I put the item back. But really why do that? Here are the top 5 reasons you should probably create a listing and buy the product you just found when out sourcing for FBA.

1. Untapped Market

Creating your listing will allow you to hone in on the untapped market on Amazon. You will set the pace as far as price is concerned and offer something no one else is offering. Imagine how many people just like you and I are putting down that awesome new product because no one wants to put in the 15 minutes to list it. If that 15 minutes of time can give you $25 in your pocket, wouldn’t you do it? If it could offer you $5 every time that product sells, why not?

2. Familiarity Increases Confidence

Everyone has had confidence issues before. Fulfillment by Amazon is new territory for a lot of us and we all were there once when we were nervous to send in our shipment. Creating listings will only increase your confidence with FBA. By creating listings, you will be more comfortable buying new products as you see your hard work turn into success. Remember, don’t join the pack, stand apart from it!

3. Its Easier Than You Think

Just like when you were worried how to label a shipment, how to pack your first shipment to Amazon, or list your first product – new things can be alarming. But, the create a new listing feature is simple as filling out any other form! You are already familiar with the fields if you have listed your first product. You have product information at your finger tips whether you are looking at the product in hand or on the screen.

4. UPCs are Inexpensive

People often say they don’t know how to do something, and let that be the end all be all. Why? Buying UPCs is a simple Ebay purchase away! You can find other websites that offer UPCs just as easily as Ebay (but personally, this is the only way I’ve ever bought them at a cheap price.) Simply hop over to Ebay and type in UPC codes, or barcodes and you’ll find dozens of results. My last purchase for barcodes at 100 quantity cost me about $10.

5. Time is Money

No one has to tell me that time is valuable. We all are running on the same 24 hours, and I know there is never enough time in a day. Imagine how much happier you would be with your gross sales if every day you spent 30 minutes to list 2 products. Just think, if you are buying one of those products as a test- and have access to ample supply in the future! How much money are you willing to “lose” if you only had taken the time to list!

So fellow FBAers, don’t put that high quality item back on the shelf when you go sourcing tomorrow. Instead, take it as a challenge and an investment in your future!